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Vaultek will only process and forward orders if the following terms and conditions are accepted. By placing an order over the internet, the purchaser agrees to the following:

Vaultek assumes no liabilities for the use of any products supplied or the resulting effects.

Vaultek in no way encourages use of anabolic steroids. All products are offered only for educational and study purpose. The purchaser agrees that products are used under the supervision of a physician. Purchaser asserts to be over the age of 21 years.

Vaultek takes no responsibility for compliance with importation requirements and regulations of the purchaser.

Vaultek does not offer legal advice. All products are shipped from our partner pharmacies at the risk of the purchaser and it is agreed that Vaultek is indemnified against any legal action which might be brought against the purchaser if not acting in accordance with the regulations and importation laws applied by the government of the destination country.

Vaultek takes no responsibility whatsoever for a lost shipment in the event where the customer entered incorrect or incomplete shipping address information through the web site or by email.

Vaultek is not responsible for losses, however we will resend every lost order ONCE for free.

Incorrect deliveries by mail personnel or product damage caused due to improper handling by the shipping agent are not covered with reshipment. All sales are final, non-returnable and non-refundable. Order cancellations or alterations after payment has been processed and order has shipped, cannot be accepted.

Vaultek cannot be held liable for the accuracy of the diagnosis, treatment or medication prescribed or the correct use of products supplied. It lies on the purchaser to use any products supplied under the guidance of a physician.

Ordering Vaultek does not require a prescription, however we strongly advice to consult with a physician and inform yourself independently on the products offered on Vaultek..


He or she is a competent adult at least 21 years of age.

He or she is permitted by law in his or her locale to receive the medication(s) he or she is requesting for his/her personal medical and therapeutic purposes.

He or she has had a recent satisfactory and sufficient physical examination and medical history evaluation by a local physician who is available and whom he or she agrees to contact for any necessary local follow-up care and intervention, in case he or she has any difficulties, possible complications, or questions.

He or she has been fully informed by appropriately trained health care personnel and understands the risks, benefits, and possible side effects of the drug(s) he or she may request, he or she has studied written or internet materials on these drugs including the websites and links that offer in-depth material.

He or she also affirms that he or she has been advised by her or his examining physician that the use of the medication(s) is not contraindicated for her or him and is appropriate for his or her personal therapeutic and medical needs.

He or she is requesting the medication(s) solely for his or her own personal therapeutic and medical needs, and will not distribute any of the medication to others.

He or she affirms that he or she is seeking the medication(s) for a necessary supply of medication, not to stockpile beyond an already adequate supply on hand.

He or she will promptly contact a local physician for any necessary medical intervention should a complication or concern result related to the use of a requested medication.

He or she agrees to monitor his or her blood pressure at least once every 14 days. If his or her blood pressure is over 140/90 (either the top number is greater than 140 or the bottom number is greater than 90), he or she agrees to stop taking this medication immediately under the supervision of a local physician.

He or she realizes that there are risks as well as benefits to any medication, even over the counter drugs. He or she has been fully informed of the effects, risks, and benefits of this medication. He or she agrees that he or she has been previously and recently examined sufficiently as to physical and medical condition, and has been provided sufficient information and adequately understand, the same as or more than if this consultation had taken place with a local physician in a physical office setting.

He or she will take all reasonable precautions to prevent that any other persons including minors and small children obtain access to the medications provided to him or her.